(MBA- HOSP Admin, BSc Hons)

Ms. Kaberi Niyogi is a healthcare professional with 7-8 years of experience in the field of Indian Hospitals. She has done MBA in Hospital Administration and has the medical and non-medical operational expertise of Hospitals. She is serving the International Patients industry since 2009 and knows the in and outs of the requirement of the Industry. She has been part of many Medical Travel Conferences and event to share the knowledge and experience. She is a very dedicated and sincere person in her work. Her work brings happiness to the families of our clients. She is also a director of a travel agency named Krayon Holidays.


(B.A HONS and Diploma in SALE and MARKETING)

Mr. Maninder Singh has been associated with Indian Medical Holiday since 2013 and leading the team with his expertise in Concierge services and Hospitality. He is the in charge of all the non-medical operational activities of the company. He is also heading our travel agency by the name of Krayon Holidays. His customer service experience is commendable and always been appraised by our clients. He is also very committed and truthful to his work which brings many joy and smiles to our client’s face.